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ICE-RS notes for the cycle ending 2007-04-19

Thursday, April 5th, 2007


In the previous cycle we hired 2 new staff members on a casual basis and will start work next cycle. On the application side we added functionality to automate page references in books where a document bookmark has been used. We also began investigating saving problems with Books containing MathType. This cycle will be focused on training new staff members, and resolving the Books saving problems. We are also going to start piloting the ICE APA template as well as release ICE 1.2 final with the python render ahead of schedule, (previously we were going to release it with ICE 2.0).

Predicted work units: 50 (8 day cycle)

Overview of completed tasks



  • Setup ICE-RS pilot users as required

    (including setting up an area for the USQ FoB research clusters, Community of Practice and BOM research cluster).

  • Update Installation instructions for Windows and OSX for ICE 1.2


  • Python render improvements from testing as required

  • MathType ‘stress’ testing


  • Modify and create ICE styles required for the APA template

  • Setup the ICE APA styles menu for the APA template

Overview of outstanding tasks


  • Re-rendering issue (svn 1.4 property update issue)

  • Start work on a read only version of ICE for running on a server

Overview of new tasks



  • Setup additional pilot users/groups as required

  • New staff orientation and training

  • Release ICE 1.2 final with Python render


  • Start work on a read only version of ICE for running on a server

  • Investigate issues with MathType and Books


  • Pilot the ICE APA Template

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The cycle notes are used to summarize the outcomes of the completed cycle and provide stakeholders with an overview of the tasks for the next cycle. They are also used to raise any issues for discussion and provide other information for those who are unable to attend the meetings. Specific information on tasks to be completed are available in the ticketing system, see below.

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