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ICE-RS cycle notes for the cycle ending 2007-05-17


In the

previous cycle we built ICE 1.2 release candidate 1 which uses the Python render and also uses the file insert method for creating Books. Changes were also made so that ICE will convert resized images to jpg’s to improve quality and are to be release this next cycle. This cycle will be focused on finishing of Books and refactoring of new features before starting work on new tasks. The new tasks include the ICE and Zotero word processor templates as well as a basic web server version of ICE with annotations.

Predicted work units: 70

Overview of completed tasks



  • COP requirements waiting on funding confirmation before proceeding (2 weeks)

  • Setup additional pilot users/groups as required no additional pilot users

  • Release ICE 1.2 final with Python render (this is dependent on the Books feature being completed) 1.2 RC1 release instead.


  • Refactoring and testing MathType in Books using the file insert method – completed

  • start work on the requirements to improve resized images – completed

Overview of outstanding tasks


  • Pilot the ICE APA Template This was reviewed and requires some reworking

  • continue work on the toolbar improvements

  • table and figure numbering interoperability testing and rendering requirements

Overview of new tasks



  • Build and release ICE with the changes for Book page styles and image resizing improvements.


  • A browse only version of ICE

  • Add basic annotation functionality


  • rework and simplify the ICE APA Template

  • Continue work on the ICE word processor toolbar 2 improvements

  • Continue work on the Zotero templates

About the cycle notes

The cycle notes are used to summarize the outcomes of the completed cycle and provide stakeholders with an overview of the tasks for the next cycle. They are also used to raise any issues for discussion and provide other information for those who are unable to attend the meetings. Specific information on tasks to be completed are available in the ticketing system, see below.

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