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ICE cycle 2009-03-13


This week Linda found that work already completed for export of USQ courseware to Moodle was not effective on Windows OS. Webdav was therefore dropped in favor of curl as a method of facilitating this transfer.

Linda described the interface she intends to create for USQ EPS staff to produce selected reading books for courseware. USQDiReCt provides pdf files that may need to be allocated to multiple selected reading books. The interface

will allow a tick selection per book and a page count to ensure correct number of pages per book are adhered to. Toni will assist in finding a sample course for trial.

Cynthia has added a caption feature to the lightbox for most browsers.

Bulletpoint problems have been discovered when viewed using OpenOffice 3 and 2.4. Opening and closing files exhibit different behaviours. Peter and Duncan have organised some tests to investigate and the outcome showed that within the OpenOffice GUI, the bullets were fine, but if the user used the ICE toolbar, the bullet formatting was lost after closing and re-opening. Work will continue to correct this.

OpenID is almost completed; a user can login but currently can’t make any changes.

ICE2 rollout plans continue with Pilot users supplying bugs for the team to correct.

Predicted work units: 40

Overview of completed tasks



  • testing

  • Publications and newsletters moved from old server


  • Tested OpenOffice 3.0.1, no change to Windows install

  • Add caption to Lightbox


  • courseware template for Word 2007

Outstanding tasks

  • Completion of ICE-TheOREM

  • OpenID implementation

  • Stabilization

Overview of new tasks



  • testing


  • Exporting single file to Moodle

  • Toolbar always visible

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