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ICE cycle 2009-09-25


ICE2.1 code has been branched and we are testing madly. As a result, there are plenty of tickets are being submitted and solved. Ron was away for some of this week, so we will have to wait till next week to complete changes.

General ICE template and bug-fixing continues.

Work on preparing

USQ Policies using ICE has commenced. It is envisaged a user will prepare the policy documents using an ICE policy template and harvest them using an instance of The Fascinator for view in a Policy repository. We are in the early stages with preparation of the template in its basic form and definition of basic meta-data styles completed.

Predicted work units: 20

Overview of completed tasks



  • ICE2.1 testing
  • preparation of USQ Policy demo


  • ICE2.1 bug-fixing

Overview of new tasks

  • Concentration on testing and fixing ICE2.1

About the cycle notes

The cycle notes are used to summarize the outcomes of the completed cycle and provide stake-holders with an overview of the tasks for the next cycle. They are also used to raise any issues for discussion and provide other information for those who are unable to attend the meetings. Specific information on tasks to be completed are available in the ticketing system, see below.

More information

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Modified: Sep 30, 2009

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